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Set the pace, define the trend, and let your brand resonate with a global audience. As you watch your online store thrive, remember: with Koiko, you’re not just selling; you’re leading.
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Koiko: Warp-Speed Shopping

In the world of online shopping, seconds matter. Koiko is your solution for a rapid, seamless, and stylish shopping experience. Our theme doesn’t just look good; it performs like a champion. Engineered with Bootstrap v5.0, Koiko effortlessly aligns with Google PageSpeed standards, ensuring your site not only stands out but loads at lightning speed. Elevate your brand, captivate your audience, and leave slow-loading competitors in the dust. Koiko: where speed meets style, and success follows.

Elementor, WooCommerce & Bootstrap 5

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Take a journey Inside Out, where Koiko, Elementor, WooCommerce, and Bootstrap 5 are meticulously crafted for excellence. Peek into seamless integration as you uncover the design finesse, selling innovations, and speed advantages that power your online store.
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Explore the dynamic fusion of Koiko and Elementor, where eCommerce finesse meets limitless creativity. Koiko’s captivating shopping experience seamlessly integrates with Elementor’s magic of web creation. Craft visually stunning websites, embrace responsive designs, and elevate your online presence with the perfect synergy of Koiko and Elementor.

Koiko's Power Unleashed


Step into the future of selling with Koiko powered by WooCommerce. Engage customers with captivating layouts, streamline transactions with Koiko Easy-Flow Cart, and redefine conversions with Koiko Enhanced Checkout. Koiko, powered by WooCommerce, is not just a theme; it’s the future of online selling, where innovation meets impact.

Koiko’s settings page

Bootstrap 5

Benefit from Bootstrap 5’s speed advantages, ensuring your customers enjoy a seamless, lightning-fast journey through your Koiko-powered eCommerce realm. Enjoy the advantages of a responsive, mobile-friendly experience, streamlined by Bootstrap 5’s cutting-edge features. Elevate your commerce game with Koiko and Bootstrap 5.

Koiko’s settings page

Beyond Customization

Koiko isn’t just a theme; it’s a bespoke experience. Navigate effortlessly through our meticulously designed settings page – a one-stop-shop for unleashing the true potential of your online store.

Tailor WooCommerce layouts, embrace the Koiko Easy-Flow Cart for seamless transactions, or opt for the conversion-optimized Koiko Enhanced Checkout. With Koiko, every setting is a step toward not just selling but leading the eCommerce revolution.

Koiko Theme Features

Elevate your business with the theme's built-in features and watch it flourish. Save a lot of money for premium extensions.
Global Product Message
In this field, you can enter global promotional information that will be displayed across all product pages. This could include details about current sales, shipping delays, special offers.
Split Product Layout
Showcasing two images with vertical thumbnails, this layout provides a visually dynamic presentation, simplifying product exploration for a seamless experience.
Variation Swatches
Aesthetic and professional experience is utilized to skillfully select attributes for variation products, transforming the product variation select options fields into buttons.
Product Accordion
Helps you organise content on your single product page into tabs or accordions for better customer experience. Global and information specific to each product.
Image Zoom on the Product Page
Image zoom for product page to user see products more clearly and deeply. Facilitating a more comprehensive understanding of the displayed merchandise.
Lightbox Option for the Product Page
Incorporate a product image lightbox popup with a carousel feature, allowing users to effortlessly view images in a larger format, enhancing the overall visual experience.
Compact Thumbnails
After enabling this option, thumbnail images appear on the main photo, occupying less space and being conveniently placed for the user to quickly navigate between them.
Product tags on the catalog page
Display tag loops for a specific product on the catalog page, enabling customers to swiftly identify relationships or narrow down results based on relevant tags.
Child Categories Carousel
Enabling this feature displays a carousel of child categories for the current category, offering users a visual and interactive way to navigate related sub-categories.
Built-in Mega Menu
Koiko features a built-in mega menu for organizing columns, uploading images, buttons, and more. Easily create beautiful, responsive, and user-friendly mega menus.
Koiko Enhanced Checkout
Reduce cart abandonment and increase conversions by replacing your standard checkout page with a visually appealing, mobile-friendly, and conversion-optimized.
Koiko Easy-Flow Cart
This layout enhances your cart page with a design focused on reducing cart abandonment. It offers a visually appealing interface and streamlines the path to checkout.
Cookie Consent
Within Koiko, a lightweight, GDPR, and CCPA compliant Consent Management Tool is seamlessly integrated. Lightweight, versatile, accessible, GDPR & CCPA Compliant.
Promo Category
Koiko offers a unique feature for creating promotional categories. If you want a specific category to exude a more visual and promotional character, activate this option.
Categories Filter
Effortlessly filter products on category pages in the form of a Modal/Pop-Up, Left Sidebar, or 4-Column Horizontal layout. Allow customers to quickly and intuitively filter products.

Product & Shop Layouts

Mobile-friendly experience

Embrace worry-free navigation through the growing mobile market, as your site maintains its razor-sharp aesthetics on every device.
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Core Features

Our theme is loaded with a ton of awesome features that can take your experience to the next level. Take a closer look by checking out the demo site, where you can see each feature in action.
One-Click Demo Import
Experience the convenience of installing any of our demo content with just a single click.
Fast Performance
Koiko seamlessly meets Google PageSpeed standards for lightning-fast site loading.
SEO Optimized
Stay ahead in search engine rankings with Koiko, optimized with the latest web technologies.
Built-in Mega Menu
Stay ahead in search engine rankings with Koiko, optimized with the latest web technologies.
Powerful Theme Options
Effortlessly navigate through our settings page to unlock your online store's full potential.
Fully compatible with WPML, Koiko also provides .po and .mo files for easy theme translation.
Google Fonts
Easily change your website's look with integrated Google Fonts via our theme options panel.
Detailed Documentation
Accelerate your workflow with extensive documentation featuring detailed setup and instructions.
Limitless Color Options
Utilize advanced color settings panel to effortlessly customize and change any color.
Responsive Ready
Our template guarantees a visually pleasing experience on screens of all sizes, adapting seamlessly.
Optimised Code
Our template's code is meticulously optimized for speed, cleanliness, and SEO readiness.
Child Theme Included
Empower customization without altering the original theme by utilizing the included child theme.

Get Support

We offer a dedicated & friendly support, regular updates, and in-depth documentation. Take charge of your theme and make it uniquely yours.
Detailed Documentation
Discover thorough documentation providing step-by-step instructions on setting up and customizing the theme with ease.
Dedicated Support
Experience our dedicated support, stay in the loop with regular updates, and easily submit a ticket for prompt assistance.
Customization Services
Require installation, personalized customization, or specific functionality, share your needs with us, and let's get started.

Unleash Koiko's Power: Your dream website is just a step away. Purchase Koiko now and start crafting an online experience that captivates, engages, and converts.